Tactical Honeycomb Vest


This heavy-duty Tactical Honeycomb Vest is crafted with premium-quality nylon fabric for ultra-high durability. It contours the body for a perfect, comfortable fit. It supports bullet-proof panels for combat operations, protecting the chest and vital organs. The neckline is perfectly staged. The length is long enough to get tucked in and comes in a simple solid color. Also quick-drying, breathable, and comfortable.

The Tactical Honeycomb Vest is specially built for military personnel, law enforcement officers, hunters, hikers, and outdoor workers. Suitable for outdoor sports, hiking, camping, tactical combat, airsoft shooting, and other outdoor activities.


  • Crafted with premium-quality nylon fabric for ultra-high durability.
  • Supports bullet-proof panels for combat operations to protect the chest and vital organs.
  • A great-fitting neckline and a tuckable length.
  • Contours the body for a perfect, comfortable fit.
  • Quick-drying, breathable, and comfortable.


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